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Akrapovic Exhausts

If you are looking for Akrapovic exhausts, then look no further than Heinz Performance. These are high-quality exhaust systems manufactured from the finest materials. An Akrapovic exhaust means that you are choosing design, power and the best materials. Thanks to their research, advanced technology, development and testing, Akrapovic delivers better performance for your sports car. Akrapovic is also known for the unique Akrapovic sound. They brand is presently the market leader in high-end exhaust systems. At Heinz Performance exhausts are made to measure and fully customised to suit your vehicle.

Akrapovic: innovative and unique

The name sounds complicated, but the exhausts also have their own complexity. To start with, they have an innovative design. Akrapovic changed exhaust system design by introducing hexagonal mufflers. These replace the standard oval mufflers. With this change Akrapovic have succeeded in lifting vehicle performance to a higher level. Akrapovic exhausts are lighter and are manufactured from the right materials to ensure plenty of extra horsepower on the road. The exhausts are music to the ears of car lovers thanks to their ‘deeper’ and ‘resonant’ sound. With 57 world champions relying on Akrapovic in total, you can be sure that the brand is approved for the road and for dirt tracks. If you are a BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Porsche driver, Akrapovic has exhausts for all major brands and for countless models.

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Are you won over by the power, technology and design of Akrapovic exhausts? The contact Heinz Performance, as we make them fully to measure and they are also modified for any car. With more than 25 years of experience we can increase your driving pleasure every time. You can find us in Aalst and Hasselt.