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For Forge Motorsport parts come to Heinz Performance. Forge Motorsport is a pioneer in turbochargers, exhausts, intercoolers and actuators. Together with an experienced and driven team of specialists, Heinz Performance is always seeking out the best of the best for the customer and that is why we also choose Forge. The products display better performance than the standard solutions the manufacturer typically offers. At Heinz Performance these parts are installed with the required precision and skill and customised to your vehicle.

Forge: performance is key

Forge Motorsport is made up of a small group of passionate auto-enthusiasts. They are committed to the designs, construction and development of parts to drive vehicle performance. The head office and factories are located in Gloucester in the United Kingdom, where their ever-expanding range of products is produced. It also says ‘Made in Great Britain’ on their products and they are fiercely proud of that. Top race teams also make up part of their client base. When you buy a product of this sort, you can be assured that you are buying a unique product, a product that you will not find at any other supplier. They also make a point of the fact that their customer service must be the best. At Forge Motorsport performance and quality take centre stage. If you are a BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Porsche driver, Forge has parts for all major brands and for countless models.

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Have your vehicle put in tip-top shape by Heinz Performance. Let us know which Forge Motorsport parts you are looking for exactly via the form or come down to Aalst or Hasselt. We will then look to see what the best solution is for your vehicle.