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MOV’IT brake systems

Come to Heinz Performance for Mov’it brake systems adapted to your vehicle. Excellent braking performance is achieved thanks to the technologies developed in-house. Disks, pads and callipers are perfectly matched. The ceramic brake discs from Mov’it deliver up to 70% better performance than the competition, thanks to their extensive research and the skills they have gained. With these brake systems you get the maximum braking power from your vehicle. In addition, it also offers many other benefits, such as a longer service life from wear parts, excellent responsiveness and a long-term cost saving. With braking systems like these you are well protected, both on the race track and on the open road.

Mov’it: high performance brakes

What began with a single brake disc for a Corvette C4 in 1995 has grown into a trusted partner for high-performance braking systems. The brand’s focus is on the continued development of steel and ceramic brake systems. By using advanced materials, innovative technologies and high production quality, these brake systems have become a must-have. Thanks to their technical know-how they have become respected worldwide by many car lovers. Mov’it supplies high-quality brake systems to major players, such as Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz. With brake systems like these your driving experience is raised to a higher level. And that is why you should come to Heinz Performance, because we handle the installation and workmanship of your car if you choose Mov’it. If you are a BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Porsche driver, Mov’it has brake systems for all major brands and for countless models.

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Have the Mov’it brake systems sparked your interest? Contact Heinz Performance and we will make one fully to measure, customised to your vehicle and driving style. Come to our locations in Aalst or Hasselt, where our entire team constantly searches keenly for the best performance options.