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KARTING: 1st karting victory for HC Kumpen!

KARTING: 1st karting victory for HC Kumpen!

First kart victory

Congratulations to Henri Constant, the son of Anthony Kumpen. Henri is only 7 years old and yet he already participates in international karting races. Last weekend he won his first karting victory in Italy! Just like his grandfather (Paul Kumpen; racing driver) and father (Anthony Kumpen; international victories in several classes), Henri Constant likes to be on track.

Started as a 4 year old

Henri got his first kart at the age of four. Two years ago Henri was already contacted by the Italian team ‘Baby Race’ with the request to join their team. However, Henri was too young at the time. Two years later, the moment had finally come, so he was invited to Italy to do a medical and a race test. There he passed with flying colors, because he drove the fastest lap ever on that circuit.

Next week Henri will ride the Italian championship for 6-8 year olds


in Jesolo. Racen tegen 8-jarigen is hard werk maar wij duimen alvast!






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