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Car featured: BMW X3M (Competition)

Car featured: BMW X3M (Competition)

In addition to being a practical car, the new BMW X3M is also a powerful car. By default this power is sufficient but the potential is greater than that.

In the past month, two X3M’s came along and we both gave them a power upgrade. In addition, they have both had a sound upgrade. On one we installed a Remus Catback Race exhaust system. In the other we have adapted the standard exhaust to the customer’s wishes.

Stage 1: software

  • 510HP -> 600HP (+90HP)
  • 600NM -> 750NM (+150NM)

Stage 2: Remus Catback Race System + Software:

  • 510HP -> 621HP (+111HP)
  • 600NM -> 865NM (+265NM)

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