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Heinz Performance: values & purpose


Heinz Bonnaerens

Founder / CEO
Anthony Kumpen

Anthony Kumpen

Co-owner / Development Pilot

Stijn Cooremans

Sales Manager

Michael Mertens

R&D Manager

Emely Christiaens

Finance & Controlling
Frans Bonnaerens

Franz Bonnaerens


Achmed Dudarov


Olivier De Meyer

Operational Chief

Adam Boysuev


Mattiece Hansen

Sales Manager

Gunter Gilen

R&D Manager

Increasing your driving pleasure is therefore the most important goal for us.

Heinz Performance has improved the ‘performance’ of your car for more than 25 years. Increasing your driving pleasure is therefore the most important goal for us. We attach great importance to all your wishes, because such a thing is different for all our customers. On this basis we can guarantee an increased safety (easier insertion when entering the motorway for example), more coupling or less consumption.


Everyone is different, but equally true for any car. By taking into account every detail, we can estimate the potential of the car and then optimize it. Heinz Performance works with a personal approach. By carrying out measurements and creating a specialized test bench, we can develop a package that matches all your needs.For competitions there are a number of technical aspects that we attach importance to: a static test bench (Dyno), 4×4 hydraulic rollers, a test bench, original diagnostic equipment (BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, VW, Opel, …), all kinds of high-tech measuring equipment. , specialized race engineers and race mechanics and qualified automotive tuning engineers.

We meet your expectations.

“Standing still is going backwards”, that is why we are constantly innovating. By searching for solutions, we solve your expectations and your car will perform better during competitions.
Heinz Performance has many years of experience with autotuning and improving the performance of your car. Our professional and creative racing team does not evade challenges. In addition to developing the first Pagani Zonda in race version, the team has also built engines for Viper and Corvette, gained more than 15 titles in international sports and is currently at the top of the Belgian GT championship and in the European Nascar Championship.

We develop our own software.

Every car and engine is unique. Developing our own software is therefore one of the basic aspects within our industry. At Heinz Performance, we have years of experience and we can make cars more powerful by developing special software. We develop the software on a 4 × 4 power bank, because that way, it is possible to approach reality up to 95%. As we work in an isolated environment, 5% is lost.


In order to optimize the power of an engine, that power has to be examined in detail on a graph. The 4×4 hydraulic test bench (DynoRace type from Dimtech engineering) is one of the most advanced hydraulic benches in the world. The Hydraulic Linking System (HLS) is therefore a revolutionary development that can measure both 2WD and 4WD vehicles. It can handle the most advanced traction control systems and the bench can also perform accurate measurements up to 320 km / h and 12 000 rpm.