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Additional link pipes: Ferrari 488 Akrapovic Link Pipes (with cat)

Additional link pipes: Ferrari 488 Akrapovic Link Pipes (with cat)

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In addition to the slip-on exhaust for your 488 GTB/SPIDER you also have the optional Link Pipe Set (also made from titanium). This requires an adjustment of the ECU software. Of course we do this immediately upon installation. For the 488 you can choose between the link pipes with or without catalytic converters.

The Link Pipe Set is a set of link pipes with catalytic converters to provide increased performance and add a soundtrack that is truly enthralling. Sound levels will also be enhanced, with an increase of 10 dB in external sound performance, emphasizing the character of the engine to provide more of the traditional V8 flat crank feel. The addition of these pipes makes remapping the ECU mandatory to get the full potential from the system. With this pairing the sound becomes not just captivating to listen to, but one that gives other senses a thorough workout.

Without catalytic converters: -2.4kg


Heinz Performance is official distributor of Akrapovic, which means we can always guarantee the best installation. For more information or for questions: please contact us via mail, phone or Facebook.

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