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FERRARI 488 KLINE Exhaust system

FERRARI 488 KLINE Exhaust system

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High flow catalysts, or decats, open the volume up significantly. Crafted from premium F1 grade (Inconel 625 superalloy) reduces the weight, but also adds that special tonal quality to the 488 that can only be achieved by Kline Inconel range. The Kline exhaust system incorporates a valvetronic design. Utilising the stock valve control system, and incorporating two 488 specific, harmonically tuned micro silencers, the car can be driven stealthily without cabin resonance when cruising, and unleashing unrestricted Ferrari scream when the valves are open.

Addition of the Kline “INCONEL BUTTON” valve control wireless kit, allows you to control the valves to the open position for optimum sound for the entire rev range.

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