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Chiptuning with Heinz Performance

Looking for a partner for chiptuning your car? Then look no further than Heinz Performance. Cartuning involves tuning and improving your engine, a process that involves three stages. In the first stage, engine management is optimised. We measure the car on the specialised 4×4 power test bench. The Heinz team adapts the programme, which includes improving the ignition and injection. In the second stage, engine performance is improved by replacing certain elements around the engine. The sound of a vehicle can be increased by optimising the intake and exhaust systems. Power increases can be achieved by supplying more air to the engine, e.g. by using a sports air filter. Finally, the third stage involves optimising the engine itself by replacing engine components, perhaps increasing cylinder capacity, replacing a turbo or fitting new camshafts.

Our way of working

Chiptuning from Heinz Performance is carried out with the aid of a chip and external software. The special software has been developed in a 4×4 power test bench with the aim of producing a simulation that is as close to reality as possible. We lose around 5% as we work in an isolated environment. Cartuning helps to produce more power, more torque and lower consumption. Select your engine and car model and we’ll calculate the gains that you can expect. Enhance your driving pleasure with chiptuning!

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Interested in chiptuning your car? Then look no further than Heinz Performance. We chiptune every car to improve its performance. Cartuning helps to increase the power of a car. Heinz Performance attaches great importance to the requirements of its customers. Get in touch for further information or if you have any questions.