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Customised exhaust

A customised exhaust from Heinz Performance

Looking to replace the exhaust on your car? Then look no further than Heinz Performance. We can fit your car with a customised exhaust for a deeper sound and additional power. All of our exhausts and downpipes are custom made and adapted to your car. The process starts with choosing the exhaust system that you want: pipe construction, sports middle silencer, sports rear silencer, duplex system, complete system, etc. You can also opt for steel sports exhausts, stainless steel exhausts, downpipes, etc. A steel exhaust will give your car a completely different sound, as well as that sporty look. Stainless steel exhausts are naturally hard wearing and produce a deeper sound with more power, something that sports car enthusiasts will no doubt love! You can then choose any trim that you’d like to add, to match your new exhaust to the appearance of your car, or to give it a whole new look. Trims are fitted to the exhaust pipe. The last stage in the process is to choose the sound for your new exhaust.


To improve driving pleasure and for an improved sound, Heinz Performance can supply you with a new customised exhaust. This has many benefits. If you opt for a complete exhaust system, additional power is the greatest benefit. Factors such as back-pressure, damping, diameter and fitted pipes all help to determine the increase in power. We’ve been optimising the performance of our customers’ cars for more than 25 years — for additional driving pleasure. Our customised exhaust service helps us to meet even more of our customers’ requirements. We optimise performance using our proprietary, team-developed software.

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Interested in a customised exhaust? With Heinz Performance, you’re in safe hands. Our professional Heinz Performance team will take care of your new exhaust in a three-stage process. Get in touch for further information or drop in to one our branches in either Aalst or Hasselt.