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Customised air coolers from Heinz Performance

Boost the power of your car with open intercoolers and sports air filters. Smooth intake of air is crucial to engine performance. More air means more fuel in the engine, and more fuel means a bigger explosion in the combustion chamber. The best power gains can be achieved with an open air filter — a filter with as little restriction and as large a surface as possible. The length of the inlet channel also affects the character of the engine, with a longer channel yielding more torque at the bottom, and a shorter channel yielding more torque at the top. At Heinz Performance, we offer recommendations according to your requirements, but the final decision is always yours. We constantly seek the best performance for every car and choosing the right air filter is extremely important.

Optimum driving experience

For increased power when driving, opt for an open air filter or sports air filter. We offer a range of intercoolers, all customised to your car. A small amount of flow resistance helps to increase power and produce a sharper response on the accelerator pedal. Additional power can also be created with a large inlet pressure and cooler inlet air. Choose the right air filter and take your driving experience to the next level!

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Interested in customised intercoolers or air filters? Get in touch with Heinz Performance or drop in to one of our branches in Aalst or Hasselt. Our team will seek the best intercooler for your needs so that you can enjoy a unique driving experience.