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Heinz Performance boasts many years of experience in chiptuning, exhausts, rims, brakes, air coolers and car lowering, there’s something for every car enthusiast. With a passion for cars and racing, Heinz Performance has a real understanding for the automotive world. Want to lower your car? Then look no further. We can fit modified, more stable suspension to help your car’s road holding and deliver smoother cornering. Lowering helps to shift the centre of gravity closer to the diving centre of the car, improving grip and reducing braking distances. We lower every car to produce a slicker, sporty appearance. Lowering a car yourself is no easy task, so it’s better left to the experts — Heinz Performance. With more than 25 years of experience, a true eye for detail and specialised race engineers, we ensure that every customer is a satisfied customer.

Our way of working

To sports car enthusiasts, the idea of lowering a car is like music to the ears. Heinz Performance carries out all lowering in accordance with the vehicle’s conformity certificate. We work with a wide variety of makes, which means that we have a solution for every car. Better road holding also helps to enhance safety by reducing the likelihood of skidding. You can choose to have the suspension and shock absorbers on your car replaced, in which case a coilover kit will be used, allowing the height of your car to be adjusted. Another option are lowering springs — these are cheaper as they are fitted around the shock absorbers, suspending the car in a lower position. Lowering springs are shorter springs. An option for lowering your car are sports shock absorbers for lowering of at least 3 to 4 cm. Cars can be lowered by as much as 12 cm.

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Does lowering your car sound interesting? Then drop in to a Heinz Performance branch in Aalst or Hasselt for further information. You can also contact us via the website, we’d be happy to assist you with your choice and/or any questions.