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Customised rims from Heinz Performance

The rims make the car — rims add that personal touch to your vehicle. At Heinz Performance, you can choose whatever suits your tastes — light-alloy or steel rims, it’s up to you. Light-alloy rims are lighter than steel rims for more economical driving, but they cost more up front. They also offer a wider range to choose from, with diameters of up to 22 inches available, while steel rims tend to be smaller. Lighter rims have other drawbacks — they are far better suited to summer driving, while for winter driving, steel rims are a better option. Steel rims are better able to withstand impacts, so ideal for the winter. At Heinz Performance, you can choose the rims that you like yourself. You’ll receive tailored advice, specific to your requirements. We work to enhance driving pleasure for every customer we meet, and customised rims can certainly help. We will supply your new rims according to the make of car that you have, the model and the diameter of your rims.

A wide selection of rims

To give your car a more sporty look, opt for new or sporty rims. We have a varied range of models and price categories. If you like Vossen, Vossen Forged, Niche, Vorsteiner, Fondmetal, Adv. 1 and Vipmodular rims, then look no further than Heinz Performance for your rims. In addition to giving your car a whole new appearance, rims have a significant impact on the quality of the drive. Lightweight rims can help to lower fuel consumption and convey away warm air when braking, reducing strain on the braking system. At Heinz Performance, we configure tyres and rims according to the car. We will customise and fit your new rims fully in accordance with your vehicle’s conformity certificate.

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Interested in new customised rims? Drop in at one of Heinz Performance’s branches or get in touch for an appointment. We will be happy to help you choose. You can be confident of a comprehensive service.