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Heinz Mercedes tuning

Mercedes chip tuning

Is Mercedes your favorite car and would you like to make it more powerful than it already is? At Heinz Performance, we have years of experience and we can make cars more powerful by developing special software. More power is possible for both Mercedes diesel cars, hybrid cars and gasoline cars.

We develop the software on a 4 × 4 power bank, because that way, it is possible to approach reality up to 95%. As we work in an isolated environment, 5% is lost.

With chip tuning, you can provide more power to your Mercedes. This is done either via a chip or externally via a module. Select the model above, then choose the engine and we will show you the profit you get from the Mercedes chip tuning.

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Improving a car can go very far. That is why we speak globally about 3 stages of improvement. Below, you will find a little more explanation about the 3 stages.

STAGE 1: improvement of the performance by optimizing engine management

We measure your car on our specialized 4 × 4 power bank. Based on this measurement, we individually adjust the engine management of your vehicle. The bottom line is that we adapt the program and that parameters such as ignition, injection and the like are custom-made on our power test bank. All values are of course within the safety standards imposed by the manufacturer.

STAGE 2: optimization of the engine management and adjustment of intake and exhaust

We improve the performance of your engine by replacing a number of components around the engine. Intake and exhaust systems are often not optimized by manufacturers, because they want to keep the sound of the vehicle low. If we ensure that the engine gets more air (e.g. with a sports air filter), a lot of power can be gained. The same principle also applies to exhausts.

STAGE 3: optimization of the engine itself

We replace parts of the engine. This can range from replacing a turbo or camshafts to increasing the cylinder capacity.